Our Story

Our Background

111Founded in 2003, Dynasty Forge is the culmination of a diverse group's common love of traditional arms. Starting with only our Japanese Daimyo class arms, we strove to shatter the public's conception of the limits to quality of a production sword. Soon after, we expanded our product line to the mid and low-end to offer our customers a complete selection of swords, varying in price but consistent in quality. Dynasty Forge has consistently been a leader in the production sword market, being the first to offer traditional hand-polished blades as well as the first to offer Tamahagane steel. While we are often imitated, none can match our passion for tradition and function.

Taking the same attention to detail, Dynasty Forge is also reviving the production of quality Chinese and European swords. Analyzing history for details and inspiration, our Chinese and European sword collections set the benchmark for modern reproductions.

Our Promise

The sword's blade has been described as cold. It is drawn, and the vapor of the atmosphere collects on its surface. The curve of its back unites exquisite grace and strength. The texture is rich yet pure, with hues of blue. The edge is matchless - upon it, histories lie.

A Dynasty Forge sword is a piece of functional art, a modern heir-look, a symbol of power and prestige. With our deep respect for the traditional process of swordmaking, Dynasty Forge takes up a unique place in the continuity of historical blades - at once traditional and modern. Our swords are made according to the craft and design of the ancient weapon and we draw on centuries of tradition devoted to sword refinery.

We are confident that Dynasty Forge offers the finest swords available. Our blades are made with genuine respect for authentic design and process. Yet we recognize the modern warrior's need for weapons that incorporate contemporary materials and methods. We offer a choice, while proudly guaranteeing attention to the hallmarks of traditional sword esthetics and function.

The company goes beyond merely providing quality arms. Our commitment to quality control, customer service and support means we try our best to ensure complete satisfaction to each and every customer.