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Sky Piercing Sword (Jue Yun Jian) - SECOND

NOTE: Remaining stock has much darker wood sheath than the wood on the handle. This is a cosmetic issue only but does look a bit odd.

The Sky Piercing Sword (Jue Yun Jian) is based on a historical piece that was custom made for the Qian Long Emperor (Qing Dynasty). The fittings are in a high-relief motif of flowers and leaves, whose design was personally overseen by the Qian Long Emperor. The blade features Dynasty Forge's forge-folded 1095/1085/1060 high-carbon steel with a hybrid polish.

Fitted in hand carved hardwood furniture, lost-wax cast fittings and fitted to a full-tang for durability, our Jian can follow the warrior-scholar from the court to the battlefield.

Please note that the natural color of the wood varies.

Blade length (in/cm):
Handle length (in/cm):
Overall length (in/cm):
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Forge Folded Tri-Steel